This blog is about the experience of learning java and is meant for any individual who want to kick start with java for 1st time without any much prior knowledge of the language.

When I started off with java, I was already holding an experience of 5 years into project management, business analyst and QA roles. I took up the new opportunity on the way ie an offer of being java developer but yes there were many challenges on the way. The last I had learnt java was when I was in college and starting off again was bit tough

The step by step approach I followed was

1) Get the basics clear:

One has to have a clear problem solving logic. The pattern should be known. Depending upon the programming language the syntax of the code changes but the logic behind the solution remains same. So get all the basics brushed up about programming (if you are shifting technology then this step you can skip).

2)  Read about the language:

Some terms or content are quite particular to a given language only. When you will be using demo/test code from online and running the code, the explanation given for the code will assume that you know the meaning of terminology used. So for a better understanding of the online programs get the terms clear enough. If you encounter any new term/concept while using the online programs make sure to get them understood before you go ahead with the execution.

3)  Watch videos:

As humans we remember the content and stuff that we see or listen. We get better understanding of concepts when someone who is expert in the domain explains us the procedure. Do a bit of research to find out about a good java tutor on YouTube. Once you begin following one, do not change frequently.

4)  Consult your Seniors/colleagues/friends :

If you have any known person who has previously worked or is currently working with java then he/she can guide you through finding some correct resources online or even provide support when you are stuck over an issue or piece of code.

5)  Keep patience:

Not everything can be understood in one go. Specially language like java which is known to be among the best ones for being platform independent etc, will have some level of difficulty and hence trying a few times might be necessary for some and this need patience.

6) Narrow down your requirement:

Java has a lot to offer and at the start you may not be able to take in everything. So learning it can be little overloading. To overcome this take your time and understand the requirements of your project, what concepts are needed and what are the features. Accordingly select the demo/test programs from online for execution and learning.

7) Keep coding:

Do not depend only on readily available online codes. Once you understand a particular code/concept, try implementing it with some modifications to make sure you can yourself implement it. This will also boost your confidence over the language. Save the code files used during learning of certain concept as, they might get useful when you actually need them on live projects.

Once you have completed your learning phase, do remember to keep reading about the language. There are many java tutorial websites which allow you to subscribe to newsletter updates and some hold webinars as well. Using all these freely available resources we can keep ourselves up to date with upcoming changes or additional concepts being added to the language.

IT/Software domain is something that is continuously changing with time and one has to keep in pace with the changes to be efficiently able to deliver.

Hope this acts a ‘Starter’ in your meal of ‘Java’ 😉

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