Before we start, remember that SEO does not have to be complicated! (You can go for a complicated SEO if you good at it;) ).  A good SEO strategy will help you with your digital marketing plan as well.

Let’s get started, below are some of the tips and tricks which we used and are still in phase of incorporate more to improve our SEO. Since we are already in implementation phase, we thought why not share the info with beginners who are amidst the question of where to start from.

1) Check your competitors website.

Go through the website of a successful competitor in your domain of business and who has a longer presence online. You don’t have to copy/paste their content nor do we promote it but this will give you an insight of how the website is structured. They have already attained some degree of optimization to their website due to their time being online and this can be useful and time saving for your business.

2) Get your website mobile friendly.

With time, the amount of net that is being used on mobile devices is only increasing. Someone refers to your business, and the next person searches on their mobiles for your further info. We guess it won’t be wrong to say that we will be soon into an era where sites will be created for mobile view 1st and later optimized for desktop 😉

3) Update to simple files.

There certain locations in the file where minor updates can go in a long way. Few examples are as follows,

  1. Your main headings in <H1> tags.
  2. Your subheadings in <H2> and <H3> tags.
  3. The title of your page contain your keywords.
  4. The main heading on the page contain your keywords.
  5. Images should have alt name.

4) Add your google+ account to your website.

Although google+ isn’t as famous as other social media giants, but simply connecting your website and google+ account can take your search rankings higher. When website is connected, in search result your face will be displayed, now this takes the curiosity of people and they tend to hit the link!

5) Create videos and upload.

You can create some videos regarding anything related to your business in nice and interesting way such that it gets more likes, comments and shares. Now this will increase the chance of your video displaying higher in the videos tab of google search. Incase your page ranking isn’t good enough, your video can get you your clients attention. Also there isn’t that much competition in improving videos ranking as compared to website ranking so one winning here chances are more.

6) Do not ignore your UI/UX.

Have an interesting UI and yet simple enough to be browsed. It’s important how long user spends on your website and how many pages it browses through and this is possible by having an attention grabbing UI and being simple enough for a non technical person to browse through. All this adds to improving your seo optimization.

7) Define your content – keyword combo well.

While adding content, focus over the criteria as users what will be the keywords that they would use to search your business. Also be very relevant to what the user has searched for so that it remains on the page for longer time. Add the expected answer right away in the start of the content, along with something interesting or further knowledge so that user continues to read further.

8) Update your SEO strategies along with time.

Internet is ever evolving with new techniques being continuously added. Run through the seo  changes every 6months at least to keep up with the rising trends. Keep a check on which pages of your website the users remain for longer and which are the most prominent keywords that direct users to your website. Try analyzing the statistics and adding new keywords

9)Working on voice command search

Voice search is something with a promising future. With the IT giants coming up with their virtual assistants, there is going to be boom in this technology. Hence its important with future perspective to try best to optimize your website for voice search as well.

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